venerdì 31 agosto 2012

Chiesa di San Pietro (?) - Isola Palmaria, Portovenere (SP) Italia - 29 Luglio 2012

(ST. PETER CHURCH (?) - Palmaria Island, Portovenere (SP) Italy - July 29, 2012)

  Original TIF (from RAW)

HDR from above TIF

B&W HDR from above TIF

Now: I have no idea why I used to think that it was better to feed Photomatix the originl RAW file... tonight I tried converting the RAW NEF into a TIF and then feed the TIF to Photomatix. I was amazed:  the results are slightly brighter, with better colour and, above all, with much less noise. Noise is stll there, but way less!

So I guess, from now on, the TIF passage will be a must.

The only hard part will become, as usual, choosing between the original, color HDR and B&W HDR ... In this case I like them all... any suggestions?

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