lunedì 16 novembre 2009

Abbazia di Kylemore - Connemara, Irlanda - 11 Agosto 2008

(KYLEMORE ABBEY - Connemara, Ireland - August 11, 2008)

Questo è il cielo che abbiamo visto per circa una settimana in Irlanda. Quando non pioveva, diluviava.

This is the sky we saw for about a week in Ireland. Clouds, storms and, more likely, pouring rain.

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brattcat ha detto...

These are so beautiful, they actually took my breath away! Stunning, stunning, stunning images! I would be quite happy to own a book of your photography.

Giorgio ha detto...

Thanks Brattcat. Actually, I would love to publish a photo book (who wouldn't) but, after seeing the titanic amount of work a friend of mine had to put into actually doing it, I am kind of discouraged. I guess a blog is more than enough, for now.

brattcat ha detto...

I will have to be content with your blog, then. But should you ever decide to put a book together, I hope you will let me know.

Giorgio ha detto...

The first copy (by express courier) will be yours!

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