giovedì 15 ottobre 2009

Nuvole sopra Reggio Emilia - Montericco di Albinea (RE), Italia - 14 Ottobre 2009

(CLOUDS OVER REGGIO EMILIA - Montericco di Albinea (RE), Italy - October 14, 2009)

Vista verso Parma.
Looking towards Parma.

Vista verso Modena.
Looking towards Modena.

Dettaglio con la Chiesa della Beata Vergine di Lourdes (Montericco, Albinea) in primo piano.

Sulla destra c'erano anche dei bellissimi calanchi.
On the right side there were also some great badlands.

4 commenti:

brattcat ha detto...

Giorgio, you are a master of skies. What an amazing composition!

foto-rolero54 ha detto...

Very good photograph and good capture, congratulation

Julie ha detto...

Good heavens, Giorgio, that first photograph is astouding. The cloud seems to stretch on and on forever, and yet to be just sitting above the town. I must see if I can manage something like that. So many ideas to try out, and only so much time.

Neeraj ha detto...

Great photos! Normally cloudy skies don't make for good pictures but this is something else :)

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