lunedì 19 ottobre 2009

Filare - Fellegara, Scandiano (RE), Italia - 18 Ottobre 2009

(GRAPEVINE - Fellegara, Scandiano (RE), Italy - October 18, 2009)

Gli HDR sembreranno anche un po' finti ma sono comunque, quasi sempre, meglio di tutti gli scatti singoli che li compongono. Provo sempre a recuperare gli originali ma, messi di fianco all'HDR finale, impallidiscono in un grigiore e in un contrasto quasi imbarazzanti.

I always try to do something with the three or five single pictures that make up an HDR but I always end up keeping the HDR only. HDRs may have somewhat phony colors but they almost always overwhelm the greyness of all the single pictures that make them up, especially in high contrast situations like this one.

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brattcat ha detto...

I love the dramatic colors. They're like theatre, a little larger than life, magnificent.

Kcalpesh ha detto...

HDR does enhance your images a lot specially with those dramatic colors and high contrast and not to forget the soft light look... This is a great shot!

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clo ha detto...


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