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Strada Statale 7 - Da Haugastol a Eidfjord, Norvegia - 14 Giugno 1989

(HIGHWAY 7 - From Haugastol to Eidfjord, Norway - June 14, 1989)

Fortunatamente andavo in discesa!
Luckily I was going down!

Da Haugastol si sale di altri 200/300 metri e, dopo una cinquantina di chilometri sull'altopiano, si comincia a scendere. In meno di 20 Km, tra pareti a strapiombo e splendide cascate, si è di nuovo sul mare a Eidfjord.
La parte più ripida della discesa è affiancata da una ciclabile asfaltata, necessaria per evitare la lunga galleria.

From Haugastol you climb another 200/300 meters and, after about 50 kilometers on the Plateau, you start descending. In less than 20 Kilometers you are back at sea level in Eidfjord, after going through some magnificent waterfalls.

The steepest part of the descent is paralleled by a paved cycle path. This is necessary in order to avoid the long tunnel.

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brattcat ha detto...

You have some astonishing images in this batch. I had to gulp when I saw that glimpse of a ribbon of road. The cataract of water shot is awesome. And I thought we had a lot of snow in Vermont...but we can't top that first shot.

Giorgio ha detto...

... yes... and this is the middle of June. I wonder how it can be in January!

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