sabato 15 novembre 2008

Piazza San Prospero - Reggio Emilia, Italia - Ottobre 2008

(PIAZZA SAN PROSPERO - Reggio Emilia, Italy - October 2008)

Da Broletto a Piazza San Prospero. HDR senza riduzione del ghosting.
From Broletto to St. Prospero Square. HDR without ghosting reduction.

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Ilan ha detto...

Wow... Very cinematic kind of frame. How did you achieve that "double" movement effect?

Giorgio ha detto...

This is an HDR photo made up of 3 shots. So, if something is moving, you don't get a blurred effect but you get the moving objects in 3 different still positions. The software could remove this effect but the results are rarely satisfactory, with a lot of artifacts left in the picture. But, if you are lucky, this movement can actually become part of the picture, like this one.

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