mercoledì 19 novembre 2008

La Spesa - Vipiteno (BZ), Italia - Gennaio 2004

(SHOPPING FOR GROCERIES - Vipiteno (BZ), Italy - January 2004)

HDR da una foto singola. HDR from a single picture.

3 commenti:

Ale ha detto...

...sembra un dipinto...un paesaggio urbano di Mario Sironi....foto splendida!

Dan ha detto...

the textures are saying "HDR from a single picture" do you mean you just changed the exposure yourself?....i have recently started my photoblog and it would be great if you could stop by and leave some comments

Giorgio ha detto...

Dan: I took the original (which was kind of flat) and saved 2 more files darkened by 25% and 50%. Then I put them back together as an HDR. Probably you could achieve the same results by manipulating the original pic directly with a graphics program. But the HDR method is much more intuitive, expecially if you are not an expert in graphics like me.

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